SharePoint 2010 and The Ribbon

One of the biggest changes in the latest version of SharePoint is the addition of the familiar Microsoft ribbon. The ribbon provides a shortcut to many useful features, some of which are outlined below. Note: for some of these you will need the appropriate permissions and/or Internet Explorer to be able to utilize them.


To access the ribbon for your list or library, at the top of the page click on List (or Library or Calendar) in the Tools box.

  • Connect to Outlook – it is possible to connect any list, including libraries and calendars, to Outlook. The SharePoint lists will appear in the left side of your Outlook window, can be edited from Outlook, and will stay in sync with your SharePoint site. For more information, see the following information located on the Microsoft website: Synchronize SharePoint 2010 Content with Outlook 2010
  • Alert Me – alerts can be set up to send notification by email when content is updated on your SharePoint list, library, folder, item, etc. For more information, see How do I set up alerts? on the SharePoint FAQ page.
  • Export to Excel – exporting your SharePoint content to Excel allows you to utilize the functionality native to Excel with your SharePoint data.
  • Open with Explorer – this option allows you to drag/drop multiple files from one SharePoint list to another, or to/from another source (such as your desktop). For more information, see Open with Explorer on the SharePoint FAQ page.

A few other tips:

  • To see the ‘breadcrumb’ navigation on a site, click on the ‘Navigate up’ icon, located at the top left of your site.
    Navigate Up icon
  • To quickly add an event to a calendar, double click on the date.
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