Changes Introduced for myNEU/NUnet Electronic Accounts

As part of our continuing efforts to ensure the protection of private and institutional data, Northeastern introduced several changes this past summer to the services that manage the myNEU and NUnet electronic credentials. These changes were implemented to enhance the security associated with these accounts and thus the services utilized by them. As key university functions and transactions are performed online with these accounts, it is imperative there is assurance that these accounts are only being utilized by the assigned owner. As covered in Northeastern University’s Appropriate Use Policy, individuals are responsible for the transactions that occur using the accounts assigned to them for conducting university transactions. These changes, outlined below, are currently in effect for faculty, staff, and sponsored account holders.

  • Account Name
    Since August 17th, new members of the community have been able to specify the account name when claiming their credential(s). Prior to this change, the account name was assigned and was the equivalent to the assigned email address. Northeastern continues to assign email addresses in order to provide a level of assurance to a message recipient of who authored the message. Allowing the account holder to select an account name provides increased security and allows Northeastern the flexibility of reducing the complexity of account passwords. Existing account holders can request an account name change by contacting the ITS Service Desk.
  • Account Password
    The password requirements for myNEU and NUnet accounts have also changed. These changes were introduced to provide increased security for the account. Members of the community who have either changed their password since August 17th or joined the University since that date are now in compliance with these new requirements. The remaining members of the community have been contacted directly regarding the necessity of reviewing their current passwords and changing them if they do not meet the new requirements. The names of account owners that do not meet the new requirements by December 1st will be provided to the Office of Risk and Compliance. The new requirements for passwords are provided to the account holder as part of the "Change Your Password" service which is available under the "myProfile" icon after logging onto the myNEU portal.
  • Forgot Password Service
    The online "Forgot Password" self-service tool was also enhanced to help ensure that only the account holder is able to reset the password of the account if it is forgotten. The requirements for providing a proper challenge response have been modified. Those individuals who met the new requirements continue to have the previous self selected challenge answer and response. For those individuals who do not meet the new standard, the "Forgot Password" service may still be utilized. However, you will need to answer a brief survey to ensure your identity prior to changing your password. If you would prefer to establish a challenge question and response, you may do so by selecting the “Authentication Questions” option which resides under the "myProfile" icon after logging onto the myNEU portal.
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