Classroom Technology Upgrades and Improvements

Starting in the Spring of 2011, Information Technology Services upgraded, enhanced or created 36 classrooms with new audio visual equipment along with new computers. The technology improvements were based on need, size and configuration of the classroom. The new or updated classrooms are located in Behrakis, Churchill, Ell, Richards, Ryder, Shillman, Snell Library, Robinson, and West Village F.

As part of the YMCA-Hastings expansion there will be 7 new classrooms built in the Hastings portion of the building, which will be outfitted with both new computers and AV technology. These rooms are targeted to be live for the start of 2012 winter session (January).

Classroom improvements are ongoing and Information Technology Services will be updating/upgrading an additional 30+ rooms with technology based on need, size and configuration of the classroom. Information Technology Services is working with Facilities to bring the designated rooms up to the new standard so that the faculty experience, along with improved support and maintenance, is similar in every room.

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