Appointment Calendar Updates for Advisors

In May, Information Technology Services launched the new Appointment Calendar tool, powered by Salesforce, to replace the former Advisor Calendar application. Several issues in the former tool were addressed, as well as new features added to make it more usable for both the advisors and students.

For students, a new web-based application was created, with an updated look and with several shortcuts to help students locate their primary and other academic advisors, as well as the last three advisors with whom they have booked. Coming in September, the student’s dedicated co-op advisor will also be available from a shortcut link, making it even easier to locate and book with the right person. The new version also includes a better calendar booking screen, as well as a homepage section that lists out all upcoming, pending, and cancelled appointments. Finally, with the release of this new version, many more advisors are beginning to use it, including the academic advisors in most undergraduate colleges (formerly, the users were predominately co-op advisors and career services counselors). With the expanded user-base, students should only have to use this one tool when requesting an appointment with any one of their advisors.

For advisors, the use of native Outlook calendaring functionality that was formerly unavailable (copy/paste, drag and drop, resizing, etc. of appointment blocks and entries) has been added. In addition, each student appointment in Outlook has expanded information available about the student, as well as links to Salesforce and a new Day-at-a-Glance view. This view includes student photos, key student details, and key appointment details. This release also introduced to the co-op and career services users, allowing them to more easily access student information from Banner, PlacePro, FolderWave, and a variety of other systems.

Finally, more functionality is being developed for advisors in Salesforce. Due to be launched in September is a replacement for the former Doherty Advisor Notes databases used in several colleges. This release will expand the advisor Day-at-a-Glance view as well as build new functionality in Salesforce for the creation of advisor notes, attachments, and academic standing updates. Also in September, photos for every student with a Husky ID will be available to advisors.

Information Technology Services is currently working on Phase 2 with representative advisors for the best way to address and build in many new, and requested, features.

Please see the Appointment Calendar Support page for browser and system requirements, training videos, FAQs, and more.

If you are an advisor or NU staff member, and are interested in getting access to use this tool, please see the Appointment Calendar Access Information page.

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