New Sponsored Account Service

Information Technology Services has recently implemented a new Sponsored Account service. This new service replaced the existing process which had been in place for several years, and is expected to simplify the process for requesting and approving sponsored accounts.

Specific improvements to the new service include:

  • Signatures from either the account requestor or approver are no longer required as the service is now completely online.
  • The ability of requestors to search online for certified approvers based on the department and/or division they are working in.
  • Email notifications to the requestor and approver regarding the status of the request, and if any actions are required.
  • Reduced turnaround time for access to services. For example, access to myNEU and associated services will be available within an hour of the request being approved. Access to NUNET services, including Exchange and Lync services, will be available the morning following approval. Information Technology Services will continue working to reduce the turnaround time for access to approved services.
  • Approvers will have access to online tools that will help in the management of the sponsored accounts they are responsible for. With these tools approvers may revoke, extend, or adjust the services the account has access to.

Additional information regarding the new sponsored account process, including an online tutorial for both requestors and approvers, can be found on the Sponsored Account Requests information page.

What are Sponsored Accounts?

Working with established business processes and various sources of data, Information Resources provides electronic accounts to most members of the Northeastern community without specific requests. For example, new employees automatically have accounts generated to allow access to key services based on their start dates. Students are automatically provided accounts based on either their acceptance (undergraduate students) or term start dates (all other students) with the University. However, there are still those individuals who require access to electronic resources at Northeastern that cannot be determined by current processes. For example, a consultant or contractor who is supporting a project or a particular business function. For these individuals to gain access to electronic resources, a Sponsored Account is required. Sponsored Accounts are requested and must be approved by an individual who is authorizing the access to a particular service(s). Approvers of such accounts are responsible for ensuring the access is required and have the responsibility of revoking or changing the account if the access is no longer warranted. The Sponsored Account Service is the process for requesting, approving (or denying), and managing these types of accounts.

For more information, and a link to the application, please see the Sponsored Account Requests information page.


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