Use Lync to Share Files, Create Online Meetings, and more

Microsoft Lync is best known as an instant messaging tool, but it can do so much more. Here are some things you can do in Microsoft Lync, that you might not have seen yet!

Share Files

Once you have installed Lync (see Lync support/install pages), Office applications will have new functionality on the Review tab of the ribbon.

  • On Windows computers :

    There is a button on most Office applications that will allow you to set up a Lync sharing session on a file, or instantly send it to a recipient via instant message.

  • On Mac computers :

    The Instant Message button is available on Word. This allows you to send a document by instant message (using Communicator).

Create an Online Meeting

In Outlook on Windows computers, you will have an option to create an online meeting when you create a new meeting invite. A link is sent to people to join on the day and time specified. The recipients do not need Lync to participate, they can join using a browser.

To invite someone to an online meeting:

  1. Create a new meeting
  2. Click on ‘Online Meeting’ in the ribbon toolbar
  3. The link to the online meeting appears in the body of the message

Chat with more than one person at a time

If you would like to chat with more than one person at a time, click on one name in your contacts, then hold down the control/Apple key on the keyboard and click to add others. Once you have selected the people you want, select the Enter key and a new chat window will open with the group.

Contact List Shortcuts

  • Your Lync contact list is also displayed in the bottom of your To Do bar in Outlook on Windows computers. You can drag an email message down to a group and add a person to your Lync contacts.

  • When you search for a contact in Communicator, you can drag and drop the person to the group you want them to be in.

More information about using Lync, including installation directions, can be found on the Microsoft Lync Support Page.

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