Microsoft Office 2010 Tips

Microsoft Office 2010 is all about efficiency. In Word, there are various options that allow you to "Save & Send" your document all in one step. Outlook opens up automatically with the file attached in the specified format. Another helpful feature is spell check in Outlook. It can be enabled in overall settings, or per email message.

Save and Send screenshot

Here’s how to Save & Send from Word (Click on image at right for larger view):

  • Go to the File tab
  • Select Save & Send and then Send Using E-mail. You can then choose to Send as Attachment or Send as PDF, for example. Both pop up a new email message from Outlook, with the file attached. The latter one also coverts to a PDF.

Spell Check Settings in Outlook
You can either set it up to always check spelling automatically, or you can choose to check spelling dynamically within an individual email.

Outlook options

Click on image for larger view

To set up automatic spell check as part of your overall settings:

  • From Outlook’s main menu, go to the File tab
  • Select Options and then select Mail
  • Ensure that the box next to "Always check spelling before sending" is checked.

To check spelling dynamically in an email message:

  • From the email message, select the File tab
  • Click on ABC Spelling and Grammar

    Spell check screenshot

    Click on image for larger view


If you are on NUnet and currently using Office 2007, you can upgrade to Office 2010 by going to Add/Remove Programs on the control panel.

For more information, including how to procure Office 2010 for Home Use, see the Office 2010 Software page.

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