ISCS February Training News

Thanks to those who attended our "Getting Started with Blackboard 9" class this month. Feedback was very positive. The goal was to demonstrate the basic functionality, the how-to’s, of the new system. We are starting now to focus on the more detailed classes. The first one of those to be rolled out is a class dedicated to just the new Grade Center. It’s a much more powerful tool to use, thus deserving of its own session. We will continue to offer the Getting Started class, also.

We love to get feedback and suggestions from the Northeastern community. We’re always looking to add new classes and help you utilize software effectively. With the availability of Office 2010 for Windows and Office 2011 for the Mac, we have new feature sessions. Endnote Web might be added soon. We also hope to bring SPSS back to campus to offer some training. Feel free to contact us at with feedback and ideas. You can see our course schedule by clicking on the Training tab (located at the top of every page on this website).

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