ChemBioDraw available at NU and for Home Use for faculty, staff and students

The Cambridgesoft package of ChemBioDraw, Chem3D, and ChemBioFinder is now available on the Windows NUnet imaged lab machines (available through Start->Programs->Bouve/Chemistry/Biology-> ChemBioViz).

If you do not have a NUnet machine, or wish to download the software for home use, both Mac and Windows platforms are available, and can be obtained using myNEU’s software download service. There are help documents in the install folders.

  • ChemBioDraw – the industry standard software for chemical drawing, and for drawing, sharing and presenting biological pathways.
  • Chem3D – 3-dimensional molecular modeling, structure visualization/manipulation
  • ChemBioFinder – chemical structure search tool across MS Office documents and databases

In addition to the impact this will have on research teams across the campus, ChemBioViz will also provide an ability to clearly communicate chemical and biological information.

This software is the most widely used of its type in industry and will provide early exposure prior to co-op or job searches.

Please share this information with students, researchers, and instructors in your respective groups and departments so that everyone is aware and starts using it.

For more information, visit the website for the vendor, ChemBioDraw.

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