Lecture or Classroom Capture at NU

In the spring of 2009, Student Athletic Support Services worked with Information Technology Services to solve the issue of recording lectures that student athletes were missing while traveling to compete. Flip cameras were being used but a person had to be present to record the lectures and the process to upload the recording was time intensive. Throughout the university, many tools were used to record presentations with both audio and video but, there was no standard supported tool so only the technically savvy could produce recorded lectures.

What was needed was a way for faculty to independently capture what was being displayed on the computer, record audio and at times, video of the class. The solution needed to be simple and integrate with Blackboard. Through extensive research and testing, Information Technology Services determined that Tegrity lecture capture would be the best fit.

Tegrity lecture capture software enables faculty to automatically capture, store and index courses, for later review by students; anywhere and anytime. Tegrity captures audio, computer screen activity including text, slide presentations, web sites and demonstrations. Tegrity is a hosted environment, linked to Blackboard and recordings are automatically made accessible and searchable to students for secure, targeted replay.

Tegrity is currently available for all CBA courses, courses for athletes, and coming soon courses in Bouvé College of Health Sciences will have access. Information Technology Services is working with the remaining colleges to expand the lecture capture service and support making Tegrity available to all faculty and courses across campus.

The links below show the great success Student Athletic Support Services is having using Tegrity to record the classes athletes are missing while competing.

For more information, see the Get Help x4357 > Classroom Support > Tegrity Lecture Capture Support page.

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