NUwave Wireless Update – October 2010

The campus continues to receive 802.11n upgrades to NUwave, our wireless network. The main benefits of 802.11n, when compared to 802.11g, are 50% faster transmission speeds and increased signal strength, when accessed from an 802.11n capable system. 802.11n also supports systems using 802.11a, b, or g at their rated speeds.

The list of buildings with 100% 802.11n upgraded NUwave service are: Curry, Dodge, International Village, Kariotis, Matthews, Richards, Ruggles, Ryder, Shillman and Snell Library. In addition, large classrooms in the following buildings have received 802.11n upgrades: Churchill, Ell, Forsyth, Hurtig, Mugar, Robinson, Snell Engineering, West Village C, G and H.

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