Vendor Technology Spotlight: Cellular 4G

The fourth generation of mobile communication service is approaching. Cellular vendors’ improved service will offer many benefits from its predecessors, including high quality voice to high definition video, and greater data rate speeds. There are two new systems of 4G cellular networks using 4G technologies in the United States today. One is called WiMax and is owned by Sprint Nextel, and the other system is called Long Term Evolution (LTE) whose majority owners are Verizon and AT&T. The LTE service, however, is not currently available; both vendors plan on launching their next generation wireless service some time later this year, or in 2011.

Some of the new features for the Cellular 4G systems include:

  • Mobile multimedia support, voice, video, wireless internet, and broadband services
  • High speed and high capacity bandwidth
  • Global mobility, integrated wireless solution, scalable mobile networks
  • Customized personal service

The new cellular 4G service will deliver an anytime, anywhere service experience, that will seamlessly integrate all devices to produce a more enhanced cellular service.

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