Keep your phone safe and secure

Securing your iPhone and Android smartphone is just as important as securing your computer.  Your phone contains much personal information such as pictures, passwords, email, and contacts that you would not want stolen and spread through the Internet.

SecureNU has compiled some great tips from on how to secure your iPhone and Android including smart tips to help protect and recover your phone from theft and damage.

General Smartphone Safety
Smartphones are an increasingly important part of our lives, more than a phone it holds our contact information, emails, photos, credit cards and more. Losing a phone is more than an inconvenience it could potentially expose personal data and lead to identity theft and fraud. Discover the basic steps that will leave you better off safe than sorry.

iOS 7 Security Features for the iPhone
The latest operating system for Apple’s iPhones now boasts some great built-in security features.

Android Specific Security Features
Learn how that little green robot from Google can help you keep your phone safe.

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