Printing just got easier

ITS has been working on several upgrades over the summer that will improve the printing experience. Highlights include new printer driver software, expanded printing across the Boston campus, more printers in the residence halls, simplified printer queue names and settings, and duplex printing by default for black and white letter sized (8.5 x 11”) printouts. This is all in support of the Free Print Allowance.

New simple printer queues
Four universal printing queues have been created to eliminate the need to modify the default settings to get the printouts that you want. The new queues are:

  • BW_Letter_8.5×11
    • black and white letter sized (8.5 x 11″)
    • Duplex by default (double-sided to save you money and to save trees)
  • BW_Tabloid_11x17
    • black and white tabloid sized (11 x 17″)
  • Color_Letter_8.5×11
    • color letter sized (8.5 x 11″)
  • Color_Tabloid_11x17
    • color tabloid sized (11 x 17″)
New Printer Queues

New Printer Queues

No matter where you are at Northeastern – Boston, Seattle, Charlotte or beyond, you can send a print job to the BW_Letter_8.5×11 queue and be able to retrieve your print out from any of the BW_Letter_8.5×11 printers located across the university. The retention time for all print jobs is now the same – 24 hours – no matter if a print job is sent remotely or from an ITS managed computer lab, such as the InfoCommons.

Color printers in the InfoCommons

Color printers in the InfoCommons

New Print driver available – Download Now
Take advantage of the new, simplified print queues by downloading and installing the new software.

  • Log onto
  • Select the Self-Service tab. Click “Software Downloads”
    • Faculty/Staff – use the Services and Links tab.
  • Download the Fall 2013 print driver - Virtual Print Client for Free Print Allowance System – for your computer’s operating system
  • Before installing the new software you must first uninstall the old software. Directions here.

If you haven’t installed the new software, you will still be able to print with the old print driver software – you just won’t be able to take advantage of all the new features. You will simply continue to print to the old queue names (HP_BW_Printer_Remote, DMC_11x17_BW_Remote, DMC_11x17_Color_Remote). Mac users on OS 10.5 – the current Mac software is for 10.6 and up, however we are currently working on a version for those using 10.5.

New and expanded locations
The renovations on the first floor of Snell Library have resulted in four printing locations distributed throughout the space, with a greater variety of printer types available. For the first time, color and large format printing is available in the InfoCommons. Printers are also located in the new classroom wing, allowing students to print before or after class. Need to find printing in Snell Library? Just look for the green walls.

A printer location in Snell Library

A printer location in Snell Library

Incorporating student feedback, four printers are being added (and one moved) in five residence halls: Speare, Stetson East, West Village G, Davenport A, and International Village. The printers will be online and ready to go in the next few weeks. All printers are now located in the lobbies before the proctor stations, providing general access to all students when the building doors are unlocked.

Quick Print and Scanners
The InfoCommons still features Quick Print locations, which allow the use of computers for up to 10 minutes to quickly send files to print. There are eight workstations available at the entrance of the InfoCommons, in the bright green area. Two all-in-one scanner stations are also available for use around the corner from the Quick Print stations.


Scanner station in the InfoCommons

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