Sponsored Accounts 101

Those who need access to university resources, such as visiting professors, lecturers, contractors, consultants and other related roles, can request a sponsored account. Only full-time benefits-eligible directors, faculty members, department heads, managers and hiring supervisors may sponsor an account and only for the department that he/she is in.

To apply for a sponsored account, the requestor should know the following:

  • The name of the Northeastern full-time benefits-eligible faculty or staff that will sponsor the requestor’s account, or the sponsor’s department. (A search function is available).
  • Whether the requestor will need access to the following:
    • NUnet services (e.g. access to workstations on campus, the VPN, and SharePoint)
    • A university email account (@neu.edu)

The sponsored account request form has input fields for the information above. Please note all sponsored accounts automatically receive access to the myNEU portal.

The Sponsored Account Request page contains links to the sponsored account policies and the application form. Sponsors have the ability to manage (revoke, modify, etc.) the accounts they are responsible for with a service available within the myNEU portal.

Screenshot of the Sponsored Account Form

Screenshot of the Sponsored Account Form

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