Cool Tools for Teaching and Learning

Academic Technology Services (ATS) is investigating the many ways learning modules can be created along with technology that supports collaboration and communication. We are evaluating tools based on desired output and cost, while considering ease of use from both a consumption and creation standpoint. Below are some of the free tools ATS is currently testing.


Every photo has a story. Use this tool to upload an image, record information and share. For example, Narrables can be uploaded in Blackboard to be used for review, assessment, and student projects.

Live broadcast your presentations to mobile devices, tablets and laptops of your audience. Make changes or add comments to you presentation on the fly and they will appear on everyone’s screens real-time. has the ability to allow the audience to comment as well.


GLOMaker is an authoring tool enabling the creation of  learning objects that incorporate the use of interactive multimedia to create a rich, effective learning experience.

ATS welcomes your feedback about these and other tools for teaching and learning. If you have any ideas to share, please contact

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