What is a Giving Game?

A Giving Game is an intense 90-minute exercise in which participants must choose to award a grant to one of two high-performing organizations. The Giving Game creates a social, ethical, and financial dilemma for students to grapple with as they consider how to award the funding.

Join us for our next Giving Game!

Tuesday, September 16, 6:00 pm
YMCA Room 118
316 Huntington Avenue
Boston, Massachusetts
Hosted by the Social Impact Lab as part of the Social Justice Resource Center’s Peace and Social Justice Week.
This Giving Game will be focused around the question “Is giving always socially just?” Participants will be looking at the dynamics of the relationship between those who have resources and those who need them to implement social change initiatives, learning about the qualities one should look for to identify effective nonprofit organizations, and understanding the challenges of working together to achieve consensus about how to engage in funding social change.

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