College-X is collecting and organizing all out of school events at college campuses into individual portfolios designed to entertain its users, promote businesses, and advertise the activities that occur outside of the classrooms. The portfolios will be a timeline of events that have occurred throughout the years at each college. We want this website to become the one-stop-shop for out of school happenings where users can gain valuable insight into what goes on at each college campus and its surrounding area. The content can include anything ranging from concerts, festivals, club events, sports games, and much more. The website will allow users to create their own profiles, upload their own content, and acquire points that can be redeemed for custom made College-X gear. College-X will become a known website at all college campuses across the country. It will allow prospective high school students to gain an overview of what college campuses and their surrounding areas have available for students who attend the University. The website will be designed so that it is easy to update and easy to navigate. There are many additions to the website that we have planned for the future.

Team Members
Craig Rockoff
John Zadroga