If I Were President, Inc.


If I Were President is platform for the proposal and development of new Bills, which enables users to represent their personal views and ideas for improving their communities and nations. The community of users and experts can propose initiatives, collaborate on their development, and share them via multiple channels to increase awareness and participation. Users can also discuss, vote on, and offer amendments in real-time to pending federal and state level Bills. A community outreach model and civic engagement program for use in schools provides direct grassroots campaign support for the program. There must be improved methods of discussion and a more effective way to generate sustained civic engagement with government. The If I Were President platform provides a system which allows constituents to become more easily involved in a constructive and fair community in order to develop solutions to problems around the nation and world. The networked community will concentrate and thereby effectively reduce the rising number of requests made to elected officials by collecting these solicitations into well-defined and supported proposals. In place of the current one-way communication pattern and the vertical system of power and influence on policy, the If I Were President model enables interactive discourse and creates a more horizontal playing field for the proposal and development of legislative initiatives.

Team Members