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A fourth year student at Northeastern studying finance and a minor in economics, James began with IDEA in 2011 as a coach, helping ventures build their businesses. Notable ventures he has worked with include Encore Realty, Hoffzaz, and Holiday Turtle Productions. His specialites include pricing strategies, teaming, building financials, and business planning. James has also been involved around campus with the Huntington Value Fund and Entrepreneurs Club, as well as being co-founder of the Professional Skills Club.

Professionally, James has completed three co-ops: at IBM as a sales and use tax accountant, at GMO as a credit default swaps pricing analyst, and currently at Summit Partners as a financial analyst. At IBM he learned the nuances of corporate taxation and accounting, but also developed teaming skills necessary to succeed in the marketplace. Meanwhile at GMO, he gained exposure to various financial instruments, thriving in the fast-paced environment. Now at Summit, James has dissected financial statements and built investor reports

James' interests are in investment management and venture capitalism, but also has an interest in sales as he enjoys working with people. Outside of business, his passion for sports and fantasy sports may eventually lead to its own opportunity.