Terry Daidone

Daidone is co-founder and is actively involved with CertiCell, LLC, a reverse logistics company formed in 2005. CertiCell is a leader in the collection, repair, and deployment of mobile phones, PDAs and smart phones around the world. Certicell employes over 850 people worldwide with locations in Louisville, KY, Brentwood, TN, Hong Kong, and the Philippines.

As a senior at Northeastern in the 80’s, Daidone partnered with two fellow Northeastern students to form their own company, PHD Computer Services, Inc.
PHD specialized in collecting, rebuilding, and distributing remanufactured copier and printer toner cartridges. By the end of their senior year, they were selling upwards of 2,500 cartridges a month and had licensed their remanufacturing process domestically and abroad in places such as London, Munich, Copenhagen, and Mexico City.

PHD bought replacement toner from Nashua Corporation, a Fortune 500 company, located in Nashua, New Hampshire. The trio started its rapid growth by selling refurbished cartridges to businesses in the Prudential Center and downtown Boston. Nashua Corp. caught on to the trio’s success, and acquired PHD as a wholly owned subsidiary.

Daidone served as President of the newly formed “Nashua Cartridge Products, Inc.” for 3 years before leaving to partner with associates to form Environmental Reclamation Services, Inc/FundingFactory. and served as CEO until it’s acquisition in 2007.