Management Team Openings

Investment Analyst

An Investment Analyst is an active member of IDEA’s Investment Committee, managed and led by the Investment Officer within IDEA’s Management Team. Investment Analysts are responsible for performing due diligence during bi-monthly Gap Funding rounds by analyzing venture components including team, product, target market, revenue model, and business plan milestones. Additional responsibilities include constructing venture write-ups for presentation to IDEA’s Advisor Board, as well as participation in the due diligence and award of IDEA’s Prototype Fund. The Investment Committee is looking for extremely dedicated and hard-working students who are passionate about learning and evaluating businesses. We look forward to reviewing your application.


  • Resume
  • Sample case/write-up
  • Commitment to meet one Sunday per month with Investment Team
  • Basic understanding of business planning framework
  • Capacity to read and evaluate multiple business plans during Bi-Monthly Gap funding rounds
  • Hard-working, driven, and demonstrates willingness and ability to learn from peers

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