Whether you have a product or just a business idea, we would love to talk to you! IDEA works with around 150 ventures, some just beginning with an idea others making money with a viable product. We work to help you build a self-sustaining business, no matter the stage you are currently in. Through work with our coaches, mentors, and service providers, you could turn your idea into a business that is either investment-ready or self-sustaining.

Before applying to be an IDEA venture, the first step is to attend a New Venture Orientation. At this orientation, you will learn about our stagegate process, the resources we offer, and our venture expectations. New Venture Orientations are held every other Tuesday. Please check the Events tab for the next orientation and RSVP today! If you have any additional questions, please contact our Coaching Operations Officer.


Whether you’re looking to build a business, join a highly motivated management team or share your industry expertise with budding entrepreneurs, IDEA: Northeastern University’s Venture Accelerator has an opportunity for you. IDEA welcomes those interested in the program to apply as a management team member or a coach. It is the opportunity to get your feet wet in Northeastern’s entrepreneurial community and learn what it takes to run a business.


IDEA coaches are dedicated graduate and undergraduate students that work directly with our ventures, bringing them through our stage-gate process. Coaches work as consultants by helping ventures complete their Business Plan, develop their business model, and put them on track to becoming a self-sustaining or investment ready enterprise. Coaches are a critical component of the IDEA program as they are the bridge between the venture and all of IDEA’s resources, service providers, workshops, and funding opportunities, both inside and outside of IDEA.


IDEA Mentors are professionals who volunteer their time to provide ventures with expert advice on their specific industry. Mentors are seasoned business men/women who are immersed in the entrepreneurial/business ecosystem and can provide suggestions for the myriad of challenges all startups face. While coaches are paired directly with ventures for the duration, Mentors provide help to many different ventures who call for their expertise.


Our Service Providers are integral in the success of ventures in IDEA. More than twenty professional organizations lend their help to aid in venture development and forge relationships with them. From law and accounting firms to software platforms and backend support, these supporters have agreements with IDEA to offer in-kind services and discounts to ventures that likely cannot afford them yet to help them grow and become successful.