Succeeding in Business: Lessons from IDEA’s Own

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IDEA’s Management Team is composed of Northeastern’s best and brightest students! While many of our members
are on co-op at leading companies in their fields, we asked them to provide pieces of advice on how to best take advantage of a career opportunity!

“Every single person you meet every single day knows something you don’t. Always ask questions and never be content with what you already know because there’s always so much more to learn. Co-op is first and foremost a learning experience – so take out your earbuds, step out of your cubicle and talk to someone. If you don’t leave the office every day smarter than when you entered it, you’re doing co-op all wrong.”

– Audrey Shaughnessy works in The Boston Consulting Group’s financial department. Audrey has enjoyed BCG’s social impact partnerships and hopes to pursue a career in strategy consulting for social enterprises in the future, which has made her experience invaluable.

“Leadership begins at the entry level, not just at the top tier. In a multilevel management company, take command and execute your tasks well, and know that your director will listen to your thoughts on making clients successful. Producing high quality, client-ready material accelerates you to the top, allowing you to take advantage of your short time on co-op.”

– Kevin Walther works in the corporate responsibility practice group at APCO Worldwide. Kevin assists on communication and media strategies for various Fortune 500 companies.

“Always do what you enjoy most. Pursuing natural curiosities fosters an unparalleled eagerness. This drive is fueled by a happiness advantage that will accelerate you to inevitability meet and exceed your most ambitious goals. Also, keep in mind that remaining humble while standing up for learned intuition and promoting positive change takes practice but is crucial for achieving long-term success.”

– Matthew Saitta is currently on the Deal Team at Hercules Technology Growth Capital. While in Palo Alto, one of Matt’s most beneficial experiences while exposed to buy-side high finance has been strengthening his technical financial skills.

“First impressions are absolutely critical. Make sure that you hit the ground running from day one. (From minute one, really.) Ask questions and learn the ins and outs of the company and your clients. Finally, staying at the office a little later during your first week will establish that you are hardworking, responsible and most importantly, can be trusted to see tasks through to completion.”

– Libby Kober, currently co-oping at Full Picture PR in New York City, has learned to forge relationships with significant players within the fashion and entertainment sphere. She has had the opportunity to attend NYC’s Fashion Week and work on events for Victoria’s Secret and Revlon.

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