Service Provider Spotlight: marlo marketing/communications

Branding is arguably one of the most important aspects of a venture’s success. Without a comprehensive marketing and communications strategy, a brand will not be recognized, and a product or service will exist only on paper. Branding is only one of the many services at which marlo marketing/communications excels. This year, mm/c brought their expertise to IDEA: Northeastern’s Venture Accelerator as they joined the Service Providers program.

A key factor in our ventures’ acceleration and growth are the benefits our Service Providers offer. Once a venture reaches the “Set” stage, they are eligible to consult and work with our Service Providers free of charge; these SPs include legal services, accounting management firms, and marketing agencies like mm/c.

marlo marketing/communications is a full-service integrated marketing and communications agency based in Boston. As an agency located in the hub of technology and healthcare, mm/c stands out providing services to consumer brands, while still representing clients within Boston’s signature industries.

“We’ve developed this really unique niche in the consumer tech space – merging business, tech, and consumer press effectively under one roof,” says Marlo Fogelman, founder of marlo marketing/communications. “Add our full-service creative team to the equation and we really are a one-of-a-kind Boston-based company in the consumer marketing space.”

marlo marketing/communications is well-versed in all areas of public relations and marketing, granting our ventures the opportunity to expand their brand from those who know the industry best. The agency offers logo design, website creation, advertising, search engine optimization, and much more. mm/c provides public relations, media strategies, and other necessary tools to support a company’s reputation. All of our ventures are given access to tap into mm/c’s services.

Fogelman believes that every business has a brand and her company is eager to help our ventures advise their marketing strategy to achieve recognition.

“We’re in the business of helping companies define and communicate their brand in the most effective and impactful way possible, in order to most quickly and efficiently achieve their business goals.”

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