PreApps: Changing The Mobile Application Market

preaWhen you hear about an upcoming movie or music album, there’s a good chance you know where to look to watch the trailer or listen to a preview. But do you know where to find out more about the numerous smartphone applications that are soon to be released?, a venture that has been working with IDEA since May of 2012, has created a platform for mobile app developers to connect with their market of mobile app users. Sean Casto, CEO of PreApps, and his 13-member team have seen their venture acquire a very large user base which provides a rewarding value of its own.

Sean describes PreApps as “the exclusive place to preview new and exciting apps coming soon for iOS, Android, and Windows 8 and Mobile.” He says that through his own industry experience, he has experienced the struggles that developers face and wants PreApps to make the process of app exposure much easier. Developers can load their app profile onto the PreApps platform for free and in turn build an online following. PreApps also offers premium analytics and marketing services, which can provide additional exposure and customer insight to developers. Now for the first time, app users and enthusiasts can explore, preview, rate, and download apps before they are released in the App Store. A push message can even be sent to a user’s phone as a notification of the app going live.

PreApps understands that it is easy for an app to get lost in the sea of new releases. Additionally, Sean says that some of the best developers are great at developing, but aren’t as knowledgeable in marketing. From his own experience, Sean “found out firsthand how difficult it was to market new apps… If you could generate enough pre-release buzz to boost your sales for the first four days of your app’s release, this could help you get higher rankings and even more exposure.”

2013 is set to be a very big year for PreApps. According to analytics firm Flurry, between Christmas Day and New Years Day over 50 million iOS and Android devices were activated, and 1.76 billion applications were downloaded. This means an increase in potential users and an ever-growing market. PreApps is very optimistic based on the results of other startups, and is “looking at a 3-5 year time frame to start to realize major growth.” PreApps is also hoping to expand to international markets in India, Southeast Asia and Latin America, as mobile app usage is rapidly growing in these regions.

PreApps says that IDEA has connected them to great mentors and advisors, and has provided the necessary resources they needed to expand and succeed. To further expand their venture, PreApps has created the Boston networking group App Demo and Drinks. On January 24 PreApps will be holding a launch party which will be open to app developers, technology executives, media and other invited parties. At the event, PreApps is set to announce a $1500 cash prize contest to the app developer who posts the top rated app on by March 2013.

IDEA is excited to have been involved in the growth and success of PreApps so far, and is looking forward to its future accomplishments. For more information regarding the January 24 PreApps event, please follow the link above or contact Sean Casto at