My Advice on College: Get Involved

neu120166_highres2February means midterm season, and it goes without saying that it’s quite a busy time. But for many of us on the Management Team at IDEA, we have one thing on our mind – it’s called senior year, and trust me, it’s a scary place.

If there’s one thing that has brought us consolation during this crazy, unknown time, it’s the people we’ve surrounded ourselves with for the past four or five years. The confidence that destiny will play its part, the end goal being nothing short of wonderful. Humbled, loved, and scared. Somewhere within us, we really do believe this.

We can credit this feeling of true pride to our involvement on campus – the experiences we’ve cherished, the conventions we’ve challenged, and the people we’ve spent countless hours with. The student groups we’ve associated ourselves with have helped us grow both personally and professionally.

Here’s why you need to be involved on-campus today:

1. Explore: There are very few chances in life when you’ll get the opportunity to explore new paths and try anything you could ever imagine. The list is limitless. Get out there. Join a club that peaks your interest, even if it has absolutely nothing to do with your major. It’s part of the beauty of college. We can try anything we want!

2. Take ownership: When you leave college, you’ll be at the bottom level of a company, where innovation and change is often hard to create. By getting involved in a student organization, you can run your own campaigns, apply ideas you’ve learned inside and outside the classroom, and realize what works and what doesn’t. This is our mentality here at IDEA – if it doesn’t work, we keep trying until it does. And this is what prospers individual growth.

3. Realize potential: On your own, you can fully comprehend what you’re capable of. Assessing your own strengths and weaknesses furthers long-term growth.

4. Meet new friends: Being involved isn’t just a resume builder. It’s about personal gains too. In an organization that interests you, you’ll not only find others that are passionate about the same fields, but newfound friends too. Just ask any of us!

5. Have fun! Sure, college is for learning. We get it. But it’s about fun too. At IDEA, we like to think we’ve mastered the saying of “work hard, play hard.” And it’s worked out for us in many ways. So get out there, get involved, and enjoy this life we call college.