Introducing IDEA’s 100k Club

imgres1At IDEA: Northeastern’s Venture Accelerator, we are proud to award gap funding to many of our deserving ventures. But it is our goal as an accelerator to prepare each venture to receive outside investment, so when they hit milestones such as receiving $100,000 in funding it’s just as big of a deal for us as it is them. To commemorate this achievement, I present to you the inaugural members of IDEA’s 100k Club:

Akrivis: Akrivis is focused on developing its medical technology platforms that detect, diagnose, and treat life-threatening diseases much sooner than current technology.

Biolom: Another healthcare-focused venture, Biolom has received outside investment in order to develop a revolutionary biosensor device to monitor and diagnose diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular illness. In its next stage, Biolom plans to use its funding to conduct clinical trials.

Minipops: Minipops produces a unique and nutritious snack food, made from air-popped sorghum grain. Minipops is an all-natural, gluten free and sustainably manufactured snack.

Narvii: A current member of Techstars’ Winter 2014 class, Narvii is working to develop Amino, its network of mobile apps that connect users with similar interests. Narvii is putting its funding to use in developing Amino to include all interests, such as games, sports, and travel, in order to create rich and meaningful user connections.

Photos to Photos: Photos to Photos is a mobile app for sharing and comparing photos against friends, similar to the traditional game Apples to Apples. Photos to Photos is working towards further development and user acquisition.

Quad Technologies: Quad Technologies develops a dissolvable hydrogel called Quickgel™ that makes the process of bonding antibodies, cells and proteins from solution much more efficient and inexpensive. This revolutionizes the way that diseases such as cystic fibrosis and breast cancer are treated.

Socii: How often do you post a photo online enjoying your favorite restaurant or cafe? Socii wants to reward you for all of them! Socii works with companies whose patrons post photos of their products or in their establishment, and rewards those patrons with free products or other rewards.

Splashscore: Splashscore is a tool to help marketers get more out of social media by activating online influencers. The platform allows users to “like” brands and companies on Facebook. The bigger splash a user makes, the bigger the reward. Splashscore is earning big itself, with the addition of ex-IDEA CEO Chris Wolfel as its VP of Partnerships and Marketing, as well as its outside investment.

Tablelist: Another one of IDEA’s mobile app ventures, Tablelist allows club and lounge owners to list their excess VIP tables for Tablelist users to reserve for affordable prices.

Tuatara: Tuatara has created a note-taking platform called GilaPad, which is revolutionizing the way students work collaboratively. GilaPad integrates e-textbooks, online content, course materials and teachers’ resources to make learning more dynamic and interactive than ever.

Zephyr: Zephyr is an alternative energy company aiming to revolutionize how wind energy is harvested through its efficient generator technology.


Members of the 100k Club are proof that hard work really does pay off! And while IDEA does offer its ventures the opportunity to earn gap funding, we also provide ventures with coaches,mentors, and service providers, among other resources. For more information please visit our website.