IDEA website launch – a resource for entrepreneurs!

In effort to coincide with Global Entrepreneurship Week 2009, IDEA has finally launched its long awaited website. Good for us, and for you. This site houses information about our organization, but also many resources for entrepreneurs.

Northeastern University has a broad entrepreneurial community that takes on many forms. IDEA is only one part of it. Our goals for our group – and our goals for our online home – include bridging the gaps between different entrepreneurial contingencies and facilitating teamwork and networking to build a more tightly knit community. By offering a place – both virtually and physically – to bring people together, we hope to see more entrepreneurs succeed in realizing their own goals.

Get Involved!

Our group and this website have been and will be based on community input. We need your help to make this space as beneficial to our users as possible. Please take some time to review the site and check out our unique program. If you can think of anything you’d like to see added – content, functionality or otherwise – please contact us and let us know about it.

And don’t stop there. Connect with us through social media (see the icons on the right), a friendly email, or schedule a time to come meet us and work with us. We have opportunities for involvement in myriad capacities. Check out the “Who We Are” and “Resources” links above to find out all of the ways you can get involved.

Be sure to check out our current events if you just want to come say hi, or leave a comment below with any suggestions.

Alex Turnwall
IDEA Technology and Creative Officer