IDEA Venture GilaPad to Launch September 1st

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gilapad_logoExciting news from the IDEA Lab! Tuatara Corporation, a venture with IDEA: Northeastern University’s Venture Accelerator, will be launching its flagship platform GilaPad on September 1st.

Northeastern student and Tuatara Co-founder Xavier Xicay describes GilaPad as a “uniquely integrated cloud-based digital content hub” which works to sync course materials such as PDFs, PowerPoints, videos, audio and more. The goal is to make learning, studying, and collaborating with others more dynamic and efficient. Xavier has experienced firsthand how static student workflow can be, especially when working with others. With more focus in university classes on collaboration and group work, GilaPad sees a huge opportunity in the higher education environment.

Xavier and Tuatara first became involved with IDEA about a year ago, when the startup was having trouble connecting with VCs in the area. “IDEA has been a great help in putting us in contact with people in the [venture funding] space,” Xavier says.  As a completely student run organization, “IDEA strives to get more professionals involved with their program, which saves student ventures valuable time and resources.” Xavier views the past two years of GilaPad’s existence as very gratifying. “Learning to adapt quickly and effectively to market reactions has been important,” but learning to do so and seeing GilaPad succeed as a result has been very rewarding, according to Xavier. His advice to other student entrepreneurs: “Persistence is key. Learn to view past failures as motivators to try again… The recipe for success lies in a place where most people have desisted to look for, and persistence is the road that gets you there.”

Aptly timed for the start of the fall semester, GilaPad’s official product launch is September 1st. Check back for updates on the official launch party, and then come out to meet Tuatara and IDEA for GilaPad swag that will help ease you back into classes!

IDEA is always excited to see its ventures succeed, and is looking forward to seeing you at GilaPad’s launch on September 1st! To learn more about IDEA or our other Ventures, please visit our website.