IDEA Partners with CoFoundersLab, Connects Northeastern Entrepreneurs

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Ever had a business idea pop into your head, but had no idea how to make it happen? Or do you want to be part of a startup success story, but don’t quite have the product or plan to get going? Good news, Huskies! IDEA has partnered with CoFoundersLab to provide Northeastern entrepreneurs with a free way to find business partners or co-founders. We at IDEA know that Northeastern is full of skilled entrepreneurs with tons of ambition. But it’s also a huge and sometimes daunting community and it can sometimes be hard to find the right people who share your vision. Having an innovative and supportive team is critical to growing a business, and our new Team Builder partnership will bridge that gap within our entrepreneur community.

Whether you’re just starting out with a business concept and looking for a partner, or your existing team is looking to grow, use the Team Builder to find that key member who can take your startup to the next level.

What to know:

  • Available to the entire Northeastern University community, past and present
  • Connects with the CoFoundersLab database with access to thousands of entrepreneurs
  • Allows extensive search and filter capabilities to narrow by skill, community (working spaces, accelerators, etc.), and even by personality trait to find the perfect person for your startup

CoFoundersLab partners with organizations and universities across the country to create co-branded, co-founder matching databases to connect entrepreneurs. Northeastern University joins Harvard University, TechStars, Columbia University, and others as a partner. IDEA is proud to link up with such an inventive organization, and to be able to provide the Northeastern entrepreneurial community with such a valuable resource.

To learn more about everything IDEA does, visit our website. And join Northeastern’sCoFoundersLab today to find out what your next big endeavor will be!