Friday 5: IDEA’s 500k Gap Funding Milestone

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Big news for IDEA! As you may or may not know, IDEA offers gap funding to its ventures, who apply, in the amount of $10,000. Just last month, since IDEA’s founding in 2009, 35 ventures have been funded and IDEA has hit their $500,000 gap funding milestone. This has been a long anticipated goal that we are ecstatic to announce! Collectively IDEA ventures have raised over $6.4 million from outside the accelerator, and we are incredibly proud of their hard work. Take a look at some of the ventures below that have received gap funding and visit their websites to see what they have been up to!



SplashScore measures how well you and your friends engage on Facebook and through these interactions you earn “Splash Points”. Depending on how big you “splash is” you can win free gift cards, discounts or free products. It is a great way to put your time spent on Facebook to good use!

logo (2)Tabelist is an app that provides VIP reservations at nightclubs, where the user can buy a table ahead of time at their favorite club. These customers order a table, their favorite bottles and get to skip the line at the door. This app is the newest and most exciting way to enjoy a VIP night on the town.

logo (1)Photos to Photos is a smartphone app that has revolutionized the way we share photos by providing users with a prompt, similar to the game Apples to Apples, and allowing users to respond by posting their most relevant picture to that prompt. The group’s delegated judge then judges the winner.

logoFlytenow is a service that connects pilots, flying smaller planes, with flight enthusiasts looking to travel short distances. Pilots post where they are going, how much the flight will cost per hour and the seats availability. Flytenow is a great way to take advantage of planes flying everywhere!

downloadOffsprout offers a “build your own website” platform where people looking to launch a personal website, sell products or blog can built their own site. They offer three different levels of development, ranging from basic to shop, offering a multitude of benefits to give the user a premium experience.


Check out these ventures and more at IDEA!