Friday 5: 5 Self-Starter Ideas for the Summer

Summer is just around the corner and it is time to begin thinking about your employment plans. For those who aren’t jet setting all over the world, working or spending time relaxing, there are a whole host of options to keep self-starters busy for the summer.

Whether you’re looking for a full-time or part-time commitment there are a number of options that can satisfy any need. Check out some suggestions below and see how you can put your hobbies, skills and knowledge to work for you!


Photo Credit: Robert Platt Bell

Lawncare: Mowing lawns can be a very profitable and rewarding experience that offers flexibility. It’s as simple as putting an ad in your local paper, grabbing a lawn mower, building a schedule and hitting the yards

Hauling: Hauling is a great summer alternative for anyone with a truck. All you need to do is put an ad in your local paper, load unwanted junk into the back and deliver it to recycling center! It is a great option for many who want flexible schedules.

Pet/House Sitting: Many families travel during the summer months, so pet/house sitting is a viable option for many high school and college students who do not want to be tied down to a summer-long job. It is also a chance to spend some quality time with your favorite pet.

Childcare: Babysitting is a great way to show responsibility and build a consistent summer schedule. Many people who babysit work for several families and have varying schedule, it is perfect for those who like flexibility and children.

DSC_0288Make Something Unique!: If none of the above, consider making something unique! Everyone has a special skill, summer is a good time to put that to good use and turn it into a job! Whether you have a knack for making jewelry, magic or sports, there are options for you to put those skills to work!

Either way, consider applying to IDEA as a coachmanagement team member or a venture. We are always looking to speak with talented and motivated students!