Coach, Connect, Fund

As early stage student ventures begin the process of laying down the foundation of their business, it can be overwhelming. With business plans to research, teams to form, proposals to be written and don’t forget class on top of it all, there is often a need for a reassuring voice who can guide these ventures through the early stages.

That is where the IDEA Coaches step in as part of the Coach, Connect, Fund method that IDEA implements.

This past Saturday, IDEA hosted the first Coaching Summit to bring together our coaches who work closely with our ventures as they move through the Ready, Set and Go stages.

Our coaches act as the face of IDEA to each venture, the moment they step through our doors. The objective of the coach-venture relationship is to facilitate the venture’s use of all of the resources that IDEA has to offer. The coach will work with each venture as they fill out the Business Planning Guide in order to advance their idea forward.

Coaches are upperclassmen students as well as recent alumni who can help pinpoint the specific resources that can be most helpful to a new venture. Whether it is help from our Graphic Design team, meeting with IDEA CEO Chris Wolfel during CEO Office Hours or an invitation to attend Investor Insights and hear from a panel of experienced investors, coaches ensure that all ventures are on the right track in the IDEA program.

“The main role of a coach is to point our ventures in the right direction,” explained Wolfel at the summit.

The biannual summit was held over lunch and led by Wolfel, Evan Stein, Head Coach and Dan Gregory, Faculty Advisor, to discuss how to improve the coaching process and further develop this component of IDEA. The summit ended with a crucial feedback session, because as a startup ourselves, we are always looking to improve.

The importance of finding someone with a better understanding of the resources at IDEA or even in your particular community is always an excellent addition to your team as you advance your venture.

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