Breakfast With a Side of IDEA

On the morning of Thursday, February 18th the IDEA management team presented at the Northeastern University College of Business and Administration Dean’s Breakfast. The event was specifically geared towards introducing the attendees to IDEA. Our goal was not only to inform, but to also spark interest in becoming involved with our program.

Founder and CEO of IDEA Ashkan Afkhami started off the presentation with a general overview of our mission statement, core values and basic functions. The presentation was then handed over to Investment Officer Nick Sammut, who discussed the financial aspects; more specifically, our Gap Funding process. Next, Gina Bollenback, IDEA’s Marketing Officer, led the audience through a case study to illustrate the average student’s interaction with IDEA.

Final remarks were then given by Faculty Advisor Dan Gregory.  He focused on how attendees can specifically become involved with IDEA via mentoring, providing in-kind services or joining the advisory board or steering committee. We closed with a Q and A session, giving the audience the opportunity to ask any lingering questions.

The breakfast was a great chance for IDEA’s management team to network with the people who make a lot of what we do possible. It was a great turnout and will aid in the development of the many facets of IDEA. We’re always on the lookout for more contributors and look forward to events like this in the future.