5 Ways Warm Weather can Benefit you at Work

Whether you love winter or not, we can all agree it has been too cold for too long. It’s time to shake off those winter blues, get outside and start innovating! Here are 5 ways people are getting back into the swing of things by hitting the streets and taking work outside.


Photo by EF Tours

Have team meetings outside: Whether you work in a big corporation or a small startup, there is no better time to bring team meetings outside. Don’t let four walls stifle your creativity and motivation. Collaborating outside can help get your creative juices flowing and help keep spirits up.

Go for team outings: No matter where you work there are opportunities for team building around your city or town. Take Boston for example, jump on a Duck Boat and see the city from the water, or take the team to Fenway Park for a Sox game. Engaging in these team building activities will rejuvenate members.


Photo by Boston Duck Tours

Take the time to release work stress through exercise: Whether it’s biking to work or going for a run during lunch, it is important to take the time to get outside. Spending just 30 minutes in the middle of your day exercising can boost productivity and keep your team happy and healthy

Attend outdoor events: Take advantage of the weather and attend as many community events as you can! They are the perfect opportunity to network and get to know others in the community. They can also be a great opportunity for inspiration that you can take back to work with you!

Join an adult sports league: There is no better opportunity for team building outside the workplace than joining a sports league! There are many options for co-workers looking to form teams, from softball to basketball and everything in between. Kickball anyone? Check out the BSSC for awesome leagues to join or just simply grab your co-workers for a pick-up game on a sunny Saturday morning.