5 Resources For Boston Startups

CopleyStarting up your own company is not an easy feat. But Boston-based startups might have it better than in other places, as The Hub is becoming one of the more popular entrepreneurial cities in the US. And with all the hype surrounding the Boston startup scene comes a slew of valuable resources for all entrepreneurs. Whether you’re new to the city or a Beantown native, if you’re looking to bounce ideas off of experts, learn a new skill, or just form meaningful with others, these five Boston-based resources should be able to help you get on your feet.

1) Venturefizz: A one-stop-shop website for everything tech-related in Boston. If you’re starting up a tech company, this is right in your wheelhouse. Take a look at their site for job postings, blog posts, tech events and more. And if you’re not particularly interested in tech startups, you can still find some informative and fun events to network with other entrepreneurs.

2) Greenhorn Connect: Greenhorn Connect is another hub for Boston entrepreneurs. From workshops to specific expertise classes, this website covers a variety of events in many industries, and you can sign up for their newsletter so you never miss an event.

3) Intelligent.ly: This is the Boston company that “helps you learn to win.” By connecting experts with entrepreneurs—or anyone who’s willing to learn, really—to build leadership and knowledge on a specific topic. Intelligent.ly also hosts events like community potlucks to get to know and network with the startup community.

4) Mobile Monday: Geared towards mobile-based companies, Mobile Monday is the largest community meet-up in the world, taking place in over 80 cities. Mobile Monday aims to connect local mobile companies and people to increase the mobile industry. Their monthly networking events are fun and informative, and you can sign up here.

5) Boston Tweetup: If you still don’t have enough events to get to or people to meet, check out Boston Tweetup. An event planning and promotional service, Boston Tweetup helps you to optimize your event planning or event-going by leveraging social media (hence: tweet-up). For more information, visit the FAQ page here.

We at IDEA are always looking for people to meet and events to go to as well, so to learn more visit our website or contact us!