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How the IDEA Management Team Spends Their Summer Vacation

The IDEA management team; we’re a mysterious bunch. Spring semester came to a close and many of us took our roles behind the scenes to prep for our next round of gap funding. However, I thought it would be important to highlight the personal entrepreneurial projects that some of us have been working on when we can pull ourselves away from summer plans.

Firstly, my fellow Communications Officer, Megan Linebarger, has been sharing her advice for entrepreneurs in her blog on YPNation. For those of you who are not familiar, YPNation is a website that serves as a platform for young professionals and gives them the opportunity to have a national voice and presence. Megan has tackled topics that range from “Branding your Business Using Social Media” to “Joining a Startup: How We Can All Be Entrepreneurs.” Most recently, she has used the blog to highlight a venture that resides within the IDEA management team; a mobile app called Zazu.

Zazu, “the smartest damn alarm clock”, is the product of hard work from Aaron Gerry, Punit Shah and Marc Held. Aaron Gerry is IDEA’s current Operations Officer and Punit Shah provides his talents to IDEA by being a coach for ventures.

Through the YPNation blog, Megan uses Zazu as a case study for launching a business as a college student. Without divulging too much from the blog entry, the story of Zazu’s creation and how the team continues to build it for success is one that may seem all too familiar to Northeastern’s student entrepreneurs. I, for one, am excited to see what this team accomplishes in the near future. The accolades that Zazu has already received have made their potential for success overwhelmingly apparent.

To read Megan Linebarger’s YPNation blog entry about Zazu please visit: Launching a Business: A Case Study

To learn more about Zazu please visit: