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NEXPO in the News

A majority of the fall semester thus far has been full of NEXPO planning for the IDEA management team. The event on September 29th turned out to be more successful than we ever could have imagined.  We would like to thank all of the ventures, service providers, faculty, students, and individuals from the Boston area who made it possible.

Perhaps one of the greatest accomplishments for the IDEA team was that NEXPO proved to be an opportunity for Northeastern University’s thriving population of entrepreneurial students to get the recognition they deserve. This was facilitated by the various media outlets that were in attendance.

BostInnovation attended NEXPO and featured the event in an article on their website. Check out this article for an overview of the event, which also features a slide show of pictures from the evening:

Y-Combinator for Northeastern: NEXPO Showcases IDEA’s Startups

In addition, NUTV recorded a video segment at NEXPO (which is also featured on our homepage):

Northeastern Entrepreneurship Expo | NUTV