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Northeastern Announces New Program Dedicated to Entrepreneurship

Northeastern University today announced the launch of the new Center for Entrepreneurship Education, a university program intended to teach entrepreneurship and business skills, while bringing students and alumni together to develop new ventures.

IDEA, the student-run venture accelerator at Northeastern, played a role in developing the center and will lead the experiential component of the center.

“The announcement of the Northeastern University Center for Entrepreneurship Education is a huge step forward for not only IDEA, but for the entire Northeastern Community. It truly shows the University’s commitment to entrepreneurship,” said Chris Wolfel, CEO of IDEA.

The center will offer undergraduate students access to entrepreneurial programs, adding more options to the established business classes, the Entrepreneurs Club, and the renowned co-op program. The center also benefits graduate students and NU alumni. Graduate students can participate in the “Lab to Venture” program, assisting researchers at Northeastern to create successful businesses. ”Startup Boot Camps” will be offered to alumni, helping them to create business plans and network with local investors.

Ventures from the Center for Entrepreneurship Education will be directed towards IDEA. With the help of IDEA, the entire Northeastern community – from undergraduates to alumni – has the ability to receive coaching, mentorship, and all of IDEA’s resources.

“IDEA has proven that a university-wide program can not only expand Northeastern’s entrepreneurial community, but help them achieve real success in student and alumni ventures,” said Wolfel. “The announcement of the Center for Entrepreneurship Education enforces what we do and the bright future of Northeastern’s entrepreneurs.”

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About IDEA
IDEA, Northeastern’s Venture Accelerator, is a student-created and run university program at Northeastern. Our mission is to educate and cultivate the entrepreneurial community at Northeastern University. We achieve this by providing student, faculty, and alumni ventures with coaching, connection to resources, and funding with the end goal of developing self-sustaining and investment-ready ventures.