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Why PR is a Startup’s Key to Success

Every company is founded on an idea. In an emerging business, that idea then turns into a business plan, and after gaining funding and a concrete and sustainable strategy, a product is born.

At this point, the work has just begun.

As we have recently seen, public relations has controlled the face of corporations and products. Whether it’s promoting a new line or battling the latest crisis, PR practitioners are always on their toes, ready to protect, defend, and promote the brand they represent. Especially in startup success, PR can make or break an idea.

When startup ventures first break ground in the business world, they lack exposure to potential customers or the media. This is where public relations steps in. While roles change from place to place, PR experts are generally responsible for communications efforts, maintaining the company’s positive image, and gaining exposure. This can include pitching to media – journalists, bloggers, etc. – to get a product or service recognized, creating brand recognition, or hosting publicity and networking events. It’s not just the old fashioned way of press releases in startup success. Ventures need exposure to all outlets, whether that be a client or customer. Good exposure can drive a company straight towards victory!

Unfortunately, we have all seen the effects of what bad exposure can have on large corporations. No startup wants to deal with negative press – a non-recognizable brand can suffer terribly with bad press. It’s the job of the public relations team if a crisis occurs to minimize the effects in the media and set the record straight to avoid further harm to the brand.

Products and services make the business, but media and public exposure bring in the customers and clients. Every startup should name someone responsible for communications and PR efforts. Whether it’s talking with reporters or social media, it’s good to have a strategy in place to get maximum publicity!