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BREWing Entrepreneurship in Boston

Next month, Boston will be the center stage for the 3rd annual Boston Regional Entrepreneurship Week (BREW). The 12-day event, hosted from October 15-26, is organized to involve and connect student entrepreneurs and professionals in the Greater Boston community.

BREW began in 2010 as a celebration of the entrepreneurial sector Boston has to offer. In October, nearly 100 events will be held during BREW, varying from breakfast sessions to panel discussions and networking sessions to ceremonies. All events with an entrepreneurial focus can be included on the BREW calendar.

IDEA: Northeastern’s Venture Accelerator, will be hosting NEXPO on October 17 at Northeastern’s Cabot Athletic Center. NEXPO is a great way for IDEA ventures to showcase their own work and bounce back ideas from other entrepreneurs – ventures will be on the floor, previewing their businesses to industry professionals and fellow peers. This event brings together not only those from Northeastern, but students from other schools and professionals in the Boston area. Visit to learn more!

IDEA is also helping coordinate the BREW CEO Lunch program. CEOs from Boston-based companies are invited to participate in a one-on-one session with a student or entrepreneur – this includes executives from Panera Bread, Constant Contact, Zipcar, and many more! Those interested can review the list of CEOs and submit a form to have the chance to learn from successful entrepreneurs!

BREW is also highlighting companies that are assisting local businesses succeed by introducing the Spotlight program. This year, they are recognizing Interise, NFTE, and Merrimack Valley Sandbox Initiative. On October 15, BREW will host a fundraiser with Contact Contact to benefit these three organizations.

The Boston Regional Entrepreneurship Week is dedicated to bringing the local entrepreneurship community together and cultivating the minds of young entrepreneurs. Keep up-to-date at for continuing updates and remember to mark your calendars for October 15!