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LeanWagon Provides a New Social Weight Loss Experience

When Greg Rublev, Dean Hantzis and Dustin Haines co-founded LeanWagon in September of 2011, they aimed to show how a few simple changes can dramatically affect one’s health. For Rublev, it was avoiding bread, pasta, and sugar six days a week that jumpstarted his own personal weight loss journey.

Rublev shared his success with friends and family, and saw that they too experienced great results after making changes in their diet. Inspired by the effectiveness of these gradual changes, Rublev and his team created LeanWagon.

Today, LeanWagon is about helping dieters to eat better and lose weight. The LeanWagon experience, however, is unique in that it is highly socialized. When users come to the site, they typically do so through the recommendation of a friend.

Beginning a few weeks ago with the launch of their newest version, users become part of a team immediately upon signing up (their older version had everyone as one big Beta group). Users also gain access to a professional coach.

Rublev explains the goal of this organizational change is to “foster activity within the teams, and enable competition so that teams that are most active in the efforts to help one another lose weight will be recognized and may possibly even win prizes.”

With the latest version, users agree to make gradual changes in their diet and to share their successes and progress with the rest of the team and with their coach. (Coaches are nutrition and fitness professionals, and are paid by LeanWagon.)

Rublev cites WeightWatchers as LeanWagon’s primary competitor, but differentiates LeanWagon’s services as inexpensive, and more convenient. Members do not attend physical meetings but, rather, track whether they are sticking to their commitments through the website. They also have the option to have chat and/or phone conversations with their coaches regarding their progress.

LeanWagon positions itself as a “fun ride to health and pride,” and their motto promises users the opportunity to “socialize your way to weight loss.” The service is available now for anyone who wishes to sign up.

The team behind this social weight loss application consists of three full-time founders who all work on business development, technology, and user interface. LeanWagon also employs two part-time developers. (Recently, the team delivered a pitch at Ultra Light Startup, and won second place honors.)

Currently, LeanWagon is looking for a part time team member to help develop content for the website and for their blog. The position includes collaboration between their web product experts and their product advisory board, comprised of health and wellness experts and creators of other web consumer startups.

Prospective applicants should be ambitious self-starters with an interest in wellness, fitness, food, or

Dean Hantzis and Greg Rublev of the LeanWagon team.

nutrition, as well as with strong writing skills. The position is part-time, with the possibility of a full-time role. LeanWagon’s office is in Waltham, but most work is done remotely. Salary will be commensurate with experience.

To apply, email Greg Rublev, co-founder and CEO, at

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Dustin Haines and Greg Rublev of the LeanWagon team.