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Moniker Guitars Launches Site To Make Your Rock Star Dreams Come True (Promo Code Too!)

Say goodbye to your air guitar. Moniker Guitars, an Austin based company that builds and sells customer-designed electric guitars, launched their website on April 9. Now, instead of picking a guitar off the shelves, customers are able to customize their own guitar.

Boston natives, Kevin Tully and Dave Barry, co-founded Moniker in 2012, with the intention  of giving guitar players the opportunity to express themselves not only through their music but through their guitars as well. Users are able to easily customize their Moniker guitar by choosing the shape, color, and component parts. Users can even choose to add text or graphics to their design.

“Traditionally, buying a guitar is a lot like buying a car off the lot in that you’re limited to the options the manufacturer has provided you with.  Moniker is the first to offer musicians, who are creative people by nature, a chance to own a guitar that reflects their musical style both visually and sonically,” said Tully.

Kevin Tully and Dave Barry of Moniker Guitars

Moniker customers will also be glad to know that when you are designing your guitar you’ll get to choose from new and different shapes that are not always seen in the designs of manufacturers like Fender and Gibson. Moniker guitars are also environmentally friendly! They use all water based paints, which are less toxic, and they are all made from domestically sourced wood.

Barry, a 2006 Northeastern University alumni, decided to get involved with IDEA, Northeastern’s Venture Accelerator, when they were getting ready to launch their company. Through working with their coach, Moniker was granted funds in two rounds of Gap Funding. The funding acknowledged their business plan and the need for customized guitars in the market.

“We wouldn’t have been able to do any of this without the Gap Funding,” said Tully. “It’s been so crucial to everything we’ve done.”

For a limited time only, Moniker is offering $125 off of the order of a guitar by entering the promo code “SXMoniker12” at checkout. They are also offering free shipping and a free case with any purchase of a guitar!

Check out their website at and be sure to order your customized Moniker guitar before this offer runs out!

Now all I need are some guitar lessons!