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NEXPO: An Evening of Entrepreneurship


Last night, IDEA hosted NEXPO, the Northeastern Entrepreneurship Expo, where 25 ventures demoed their companies to over 250 attendees. The biannual event highlights ventures that have been working with IDEA to advance their businesses. The evening was filled with networking as investors and entrepreneurs from the Boston community, as well as Northeastern students and faculty visited the tables where IDEA ventures were pitching their companies and sharing the progress they have made.

During the event, Chris Wolfel, IDEA CEO, announced the winners of this month’s Gap Funding: Moniker Guitars, Apifia and Akrivis. Wolfel also announced the creation of the Prototype Fund, which will be jointly administered by IDEA and the Center for Research Innovation at Northeastern.

Highlights from NEXPO

“The best part of NEXPO is definitely the people, the business cards, and the information sharing. It is a supportive, not competitive, environment that is great for networking.”  – Harper Lei Team

“The overall atmosphere is the best part. It’s a professional setting, but you feel comfortable enough to pull someone aside and have a great conversation.” – Chuck Svirk of TabTap

“NEXPO is a great opportunity to network with other start-ups to cross-promote and help each other.” – Corey Bober of Collegiate Contact

“NEXPO was an excellent opportunity to link up with other young business entrepreneurs and receive valuable insight from other students on how to help expand our business.” – Mike Sullivan & Izzy Haar of Imusteat

“Coming back to Northeastern and seeing how NU is giving back is very exciting. That’s what this is all about, paying it forward and helping each other out.” – Dave Barry (Northeastern graduate) of Moniker Guitars

Dave Barry of Moniker Guitars showing off a custom Northeastern guitar.

“I’m thinking about starting my own venture through IDEA and attending NEXPO was a great way to see how these ventures started and learn about what their journey has been like.” – Eddie Czech, 3rd year Music Industry student at Northeastern

“The best part of NEXPO is the opportunity to get feedback from a cross-section of the community and to practice our pitch.” – Jeff Sakowicz of MyDroid

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Brittany Troy contributed to this article.