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Entrepreneurial Events in Boston

Recently, the state of Massachusetts has taken an initiative to provide more entrepreneurship opportunities to students. In their efforts to foster entrepreneurship in our region, the New England Venture Capital Association (NEVCA) is hosting “Start Here” events that offer students great opportunities to network with industry professionals. For information about the locations of these events, please follow their respective registration links.

The first event is RatePoint, which will be held on March 29 at 6pm. The networking portion of the event begins at 6pm, and then at 6:30pm the CEO and founder of RatePoint, Neal Creighton, will give comments and a product demonstration. (For event registration please visit:

On April 6 at 6pm 1366 Technologies will be hosting Solar at the Cost of Coal. Networking and refreshments begin at 6pm followed by a presentation and a demo by 1366 Technologies President Frank van Mierlo and Director of Business Development Craig Lund at 6:30pm. (For event registration please visit:

Vivox will be hosting an event on April 14 at 8:30am. Networking and coffee will begin at 8:30am and then will be followed by a demo and presentation by Founder and CEO, Rob Seaver at 9am. (For event registration, please visit:

On April 26 there will be a Women Entrepreneurs Panel at Networking will begin at 6pm and then the panel will follow at 6:30pm. The panel will include Sheila Marcelo of and Ellen Rubin of Cloudswitch. (For event registration please visit:

Also, NEVCA holds office hours every Thursday from 3-6pm. During this time, NEVCA Member Venture Partners will be available to to meet and discuss your startup ideas. To schedule a 20 minute meeting during this time, please e-mail

Don’t forget that IDEA holds office hours every Thursday and Sunday from 3-4pm in 304 Hayden.

For information about more “Start Here” events, venture office hours and resources please visit: