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Ushagz Clothing Label

USHAgZ incorporated is a clothing label that was established in March 2011 by two Northeastern University students who were passionate about expressing the culture and individuality of Africa. The word ‘ushagz' is a Swahili slang term meaning ‘rural area'. For most people, the rural areas represent the past and a backward nature but it is from there that we develop our core values and draw inspiration for the collections we present. In line with our beliefs we encourage others to learn about Africa and enjoy all she offers: from the vibrant nature of her people, to the rich history that is evident in every one of the 54 African countries. ?? The Ushagz clothing label believes in integrity, excellence and creativity. We stand proud as representatives of the African continent around the world. USHAgZ Inc. presents its collection to you through its two lines: Rep wear and casual wear. It is time that Africa got the fashion representation by Africans for the world to enjoy. ?

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