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PLUR24 is a lifestyle apparel brand based on design concepts inspired by peace, love, unity, and respect. Originating from DJ Frankie Bones in 1993, the acronym of PLUR is widely used throughout the electronic dance community. PLUR24 aims to take the pillars valued by the EDM community and connect them to pop culture with our unique clothing designs, vibrant accessories, and our extremely dynamic mascot � the PLUR BUNNY. Uniting various communities to embrace PLUR is the ultimate mission for the PLUR24 brand. While not everyone may enjoy EDM, the concepts of peace, love, unity, and respect transcends through all genders, ages, and cultures. Everyone lives a double life. We know that you are different and unique. We get that during the day you are this boring student but at night you're this awesome superhero. We hold no judgements to your personal stories. Regardless of who you are, together we gotta keep the peace and continue on spreading the love!

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