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Hydra Intelligent Systems

The robotics industry faces many of the same challenges that the personal computer business faced 30 years ago. Because of a lack of common standards and platforms, designers start from scratch when building their machines. Recent developments in open source software and decreases in the cost of processing power and sensors are allowing researchers in the field to tackle these problems. However, these researchers still spend too much of their research budgets and time integrating these technological advances into research platforms and troubleshooting their custom solutions. Hydra Intelligent Systems is looking to enable the development of the next generation of robotic systems and position itself as the last word in intelligent system design and implementation. To this end, Hydra Intelligent Systems has developed a suite of low cost, high capability research robots to provide the platforms and architectures that robotics researchers desperately need to advance the state of the art. These researchers are currently burdened by outdated systems or expensive alternatives and will be able to more effectively compete for more research dollars with our platforms. Hydra has a uniquely talented and industry hardened founding team, possessing considerable technical experience and trained in entrepreneurship, design, and business. Hydra is also backed by an advisory board influential in the robotics industry; having started comparable companies in the past, and who have grown small firms to hundred million dollar robotics companies.

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