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SplashScore TM is a Facebook application that gamifies your Facebook activity to reward online social influencers. Social influence occurs when your thoughts, feelings or actions are affected by other people, and on Facebook this is represented by likes and comments. In SplashScore, you earn Splash points for likes and comments on your posts. The more points you have, the greater your social influence. Those with enough influence will be eligible to purchase rewards for their favorite products and services that benefit sponsored charitable causes. Apifia TM developed the application based on the fact that social networks are currently the most widely visited sites on the Internet, and that online social influencers are impacting consumer brand awareness, consumption, and purchases. This increase in social authority is leading to the emergence of a new marketing framework called Social Influence Marketing (SIM). SIM is about recognizing and tapping into the fact that as your potential consumer makes a purchasing decision, they are being influenced by social network conversations. As such, brands must market to each individual's influencers across the awareness, consideration, and purchase marketing phases. The challenge, however, is identifying the social influencers, and that's where SplashScore comes in. Jump in now at

Team Members
Lyle Stevens
Sean Naegeli